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The Official Lost Audio Podcast – Season Finale

Thanks to DocArzts for the heads up on a new podcast from Team Darlton.

Thanks to Salaam for the summary.

– There is mythological advancement in the finale
– The finale has a season 1 feel to it along with season 6
– We will get more information about John Locke and the kill Jacob scenario
– Follow the leader was the first part of the finale
– They joke that jacob is a 60ft tall flaming man
– They hint that sawyer, kate and juliet may get back to the island in a special way.. carlton jokes ‘the magic box?’
– The compass is in a time loop, they refer to it as what came first, the chicken or the egg?
– The video from comic con with Faraday talking to Chang was non-canon, only the show is canon, plus they could not get to that storyline in the actual show
– Faraday was meant to stay on the island instead of going to ann arbor, in this time he was going to try convince chang about the future, instead they sent him to ann arbor because of show constraints etc
– Hurley is a good guy, so is Kate and Lapidus and Sayid maybe a bad guy
– 60ft Flaming Jacob is a good guy
– Damon says that by the end of the incident and the premier of season 6 we will have enough information to theorise well how the whole series will end, as we will get a substantial piece of information in the incident, but then carlton says at the end of season 6 is when we will have enough information.