Some Snippets From Carlton

Thanks to DarkUFO reader evin_d for the following snippets from Carlton Cuse at last nights airing of Tonights Episode.

A few other things Carlton stated last night:

1: What appears to be Faraday’s voice in the old Dharma video (with the chaos and Chang in the 70’s sweats) is now deemed a continuity error.

2. Kate saving Ben’s life was course correction (please note he said this while in discussion of something else)

3. we should be hearing from Bernard and Rose soon (he sounded as if it was in this week episode, but wasn’t)

4. He now understands the rivalry b/w OSU and Michigan- located Ann Arbor where the DI began due to the response from students.
5. Funny moment- A student stated there was a glitch in the S in the opening LOST Banner and wants CC to fix it (CC agreed to look at it). As the show started and the banner flashed, the audience roared.

Nice guy- signed autographs, gave hugs, took pics, and had some sweet Nike Air Max’s…

Source: evin_d@DarkUFO