Some Snippets From Carlton

Thanks to DarkUFO reader evin_d for the following snippets from Carlton Cuse at last nights airing of Tonights Episode.

A few other things Carlton stated last night:

1: What appears to be Faraday’s voice in the old Dharma video (with the chaos and Chang in the 70’s sweats) is now deemed a continuity error.

2. Kate saving Ben’s life was course correction (please note he said this while in discussion of something else)

3. we should be hearing from Bernard and Rose soon (he sounded as if it was in this week episode, but wasn’t)

4. He now understands the rivalry b/w OSU and Michigan- located Ann Arbor where the DI began due to the response from students.
5. Funny moment- A student stated there was a glitch in the S in the opening LOST Banner and wants CC to fix it (CC agreed to look at it). As the show started and the banner flashed, the audience roared.

Nice guy- signed autographs, gave hugs, took pics, and had some sweet Nike Air Max’s…

Source: evin_d@DarkUFO

Season 5 – Episode Guide

Here is a summary of all the known and confirmed informasi we have for each of the episodes. This page will updated as we get new informasi in. Please note that we have a lot of spoilers that we’re not sure which episode they belong to currently and as such they have not been included below. They will be updated accordingly when we can assign them to an episode. If you notice any mistakes to know of any spoilers posted that we should assign to specific episodes please leave us a message in the comments below. You locate this page by clicking on Sneak Peek 1 – 2nd December 2008
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Guest List
L. Scott Caldwell as Rose
Sam Anderson as Bernard
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
William Mapother as Ethan Rom
Francois Chau as Dr. Marvin Candle
Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore
Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis
William Blanchett as Aaron
Sean Whalen as Neil Frogurt
Tom Irwin as Dan Norton
Michael Dempsey as foreman
Stephanie Smart as ticket agent
Leslie Ishii as woman
Cindy Paliracio as TV anchor
Brad Berryhill as anxious guy
Sven Lindstrom as crew member
Chantal Boomla as counter girl
Jeremy Colvin as security guard

Casting News
A dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent male between the ages of 35 and 45. Although his intentions are unclear, this much is certain: he’s as skillful at charming people as he is at killing them. He also has a dark past..

a European female in her late 20s to early 30s who possesses great intelligence, but who’s also dangerous as all get out. She’s alluring and apparently used to getting her own way.

40s to 50s, any ethnicity. A blue-collar construction worker. He’s worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. He cares deeply for his crew, hates it when management is condescending and arrogant but ultimately knows his place in the pecking order. CO-STAR.

35 to 40, Asian, attractive. A smart, capable scientist with a strong personality who has taken a break to raise her baby but plans to work again. Completely believes in the work she is doing but sometimes questions the decisions of those in charge…CO-STAR, RECURRING

40s, any ethnicity. A high-priced attorney, someone really sharp who can be friendly. However, there’s a real menace lurking below the surface. RECURRING GUEST STAR

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